Workshops and Coaching:

Chickens 101;  Basics & Beyond:    If you are ready to add a flock of backyard chickens to your home, community, church or school, our Chickens 101 workshop is THE place to begin.  Starting with the basics of flock selection (including breed, type & quantity).  We will determine what your needs are for a flock.  We will discuss the fundamentals of housing, runs, materials in the run and henhouse, nesting boxes, coop needs.  We spend time on nutrition and the changing needs.  Not just based on age but time of year, lay cycles, what works best for your flock.  We cover health and the common ailements to watch for and how to prevent them, first aid, supplies and so much more.  The very best part, as I have heard by participants time and time again, is the second part of the workshop:  We devote this part to hands on training with your assigned chicken. You and learn the proper way to hold your chicken in order to administer medicines or trim beaks, learn how to dremmel spurs, identify parts of the bird, some cool tips and tricks on handling them safely and humanely.  

 You will leave this workshop prepared to manage a flock and armed with a plethora of new information.  Additionally, you will go home with a BACKYARD CHICKEN TRAINING CERTIFICATE,  a reference book that includes handy charts, sheets and review materials .  Most importantly, you will have  the confidence knowing you have your chicken experts just a phone or email away for one full year;  the chicken keepers at Cedar Crest Farm & Feed.   

4hour workshop:      includes farm to table lunch & take home materials & Training Certificate        

                                                                                                                                                Cost per person:  $125  Couple:  $185


Chicken 101 for Young Farmers: 

We come to you!! This introduction workshop is offered for kids between the ages of 5-16 at a camp or school setting. This is a great opportunity to show kids the proper handling of birds, what it means to care for farm animals and an opportunity to meet and handle birds. We have great interactive materials and kids have loved our workshops!

Cost: $350 for 3 hour session (number of participants not relevant)


HomeSteading For HomeSchoolers:


Since most kids are home these days, this program isn't just for homeschoolers anymore!  An opportunity for homeschool kids to spend the day on our farm.  This interactive workshop will offer school aged kids between the ages of 6-11 the opportunity to spend a few hours on a farm in a work like setting.   Kids will have an in depth guided tour of the farm that will include a bee demonstration, some farm hacks, fruit & flower gathering, feeding ducks & chickens, visiting other farm animals, gathering eggs.  Kids will break for a farm to table picnic of that will include their gathering from the day.  Their day will conclude with a crafting a project to take home.  

Cost for 4 hour program including lunch & project:                            $35 per child  $20 each additional child/family             

Retired Hen & Rooster Care: 

There comes a time in a chicken’s life when she will stop laying. For some people, this is not an issue and their girl can live out her life as a pet. For others, this does not make sense or space is tight and new layers are needed. Let us take the stress out of making this flock change. We will arrange pick up and processing of your birds. Owners can either choose to have the meat returned to them, or donate the meat to a family in need of a meal. We ensure that each bird will be handled in a calm and respectful manner, honoring that bird’s life with the gratitude of the many gifts she has offered.   Same service offered for unwanted Roosters

Cost to process: $20.00 per bird (includes pick up and delivery)

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