18 wks Started pullet What do you get when you cross the production of a Leghorn with the magical green color of an Isbar?  The Super GREEN chicken!  This little lady is a production hen unlike any other.  She not only lays GORGEOUS GREEN eggs, she lays about 5 per week.  Super cold and heat hardy, disease resistant and an excellent forager.  While there is not standard of color, you can expect a cool looking bird that is slight in appearance, with or without a comb.  A great addition to any flock!  Price is per chick and for female (pullet)


  • *Guarantee pullet or will provide either a refund or exchange for a pullet or rooster can be returned.  Due to bio security reasons, any rooters that are returned must be approved and prior arrangements made with the farm prior to taking back onto the farm. Please note that roosters that are returned to the farm will be processed and meat will be donated.

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