Every now and again, one must give into the adorableness of a fancy breed.  The mottled Houdan certainly feeds the craving!  This absolutly gorgeous & silly bird will be the class clown of your flock!  She will need a little more protection from predators, will enjoy being held, sitting on your lap, following you around and having her "hair" pulled up and just being pampered.  Decent layers of medium white eggs, she will be a great additon to any flock.

This rare bird originates from France and was raised extensively on the many small farms near the village of Houdan. The lovely black plumage in which many feathers are tipped with V-shaped white spots, give them their name. The flowing crest, V-shaped comb, muff of feathers at the throat, and the 5th toe give them an unusual appearance and make them a standout in any poultry show. 

Mottled Houdan (female chick)


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