Back by popular demand! Chickens 101; Basics and beyond. ] We cover everything from flock and coop selection, what to use for bedding, first aid, basic husbandry skills  mainteneance,  diet and nutrition, day to day life with your new flock and just about everything you will need to know for your first year of flock ownership. 

The first part of the course begins early. (Not when the rooster starts to crow but around 8 am) We start in an unconventional classroom... the Barn.  Fear not, the barn is heated and for the first time will be in our new farm store location on Butternut road in Newbury, Ohio.  In our barn classroom, we will cover the nuts and bolts of chicken keeping via interactive presentation.  After our morning session, we will break for a Farm2Table lunch,  get to know your fellow course takers, stretch your legs, walk around the farm and prepare for the second part of the day.

The second half of the course is where the real fun begins!  We head out to the barns where each participant is assigned their very own chicken for the "hands on" portion of the workshop.  During this part of the day, you will learn how to properly hold a chicken, administer medicine topically & orally,. You will be shown the different parts of the chicken and feel what is normal on the bird as a baseline. Knowing how to properly handle your chicken is paramount to proper husbandry skills. 

At the end of the day, you will walk away with a certificate of completion of the Chicken Keeping 101 Course; which is recognized by 23 different cities in the State of Ohio as a certified chicken training course.  In addition, you will have the confidene and knowledge to properly care for your first flock like a pro! We will also provide you with reference materials such as your Chickens 101 workbook, handy reference materials: Egg collection charts, Flock record sheets & Coop Cleaning Charts, Record Sheets which are easy to copy.,and ONE YEAR of  back up support from your chicken expert; Lisa Marie.  As a way to thank you for taking the course, we offer all participants, 20% off chicks and chickens for the year!! 

 This half day course will help you be on your way to becoming the Chicken Master within ~

Chickens 101: single price Workshop


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