Winter Cooped up Boredom Busters

Winter brings about boredom if birds aren't given both enough room to stretch their little legs or activity to keep their bird brains active. We've gathered some of our best boredom busters and added some great tips from our amazing chicken keeping customers.

Have a boredom buster to add? We would love to share your tips too!

Here are a few our birds love!

~ Wheat straw: Add a flake of wheat straw to a covered run or inside the coop. Our chickens love to pick off the wheat straw heads and scratch around in the straw. Wheat straw is less dusty than most straws. Straw should be fresh and dry. (not old or dusty) Straw can be left in the coop or run until soiled. NEVER, EVER allow straw to get wet and removed straw once heavily soiled.

~ Baked cornbread with Mealworms & Sunflower seeds (no shell or salt): Make a batch of cornbread and mix in a good amount of mealworms & sunflower seeds(Yuck, we know) Let the cornbread get hard and stale. Once stale, break of a hunk and let your birds peck away.

~Music: We play soft classical music in our barns. Once all the lights are shut off for the night, the music comes on and the birds begin to "coo."

~ Treat Balls or Treat Cages: Fill treat balls with mealworms or other treats. Fill suet cages (packed tight) with leafy greens such as escarole or lettuce to provide a healthy treat that takes some work.

~Mirrors in the coop or runs. Our birds love to see themselves and peck at the mirrors. Make sure mirrors are secured properly with no chips or cracks.

~Outdoor birds tend to stay off cold snow. Clear a path and toss down some straw to allow your birds a place to roam without getting frostbite feet!

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