Non-GMO Poultry Feed

Cedar Crest Farm and Feed located in beautiful Kirtland Hills, Ohio offers freshly milled Non-GMO 18% Layer and 23% Chick Starter rations, Scratch Grains, and hand mixed Chicken Treats. Our feed is packed with Vitamins, Minerals, Probiotics, Herbs, and wholesome goodness.

Our Formula

Simple and pure! One look and smell of our feed and you will see quality grains that can be identified! Developed by the nation's top nutritionists and a few serious chicken loving farm girls, we can say with confidence, this is awesome feed! The smell of cracked roasted soybean, (not meal) sweet corn, oats, barley and warmed, sweet molasses coats the highest quality Sea Kelp and whole foods Vitamin/Mineral premix.  All this goodness will keep your chickens happy, healthy & beautiful~


With our feed you will never find cardboard looking pellets that have been over processed.  When you buy Cedar Crest Farm Chick or Layer Feed, you are buying freshly milled grains direct from a wonderful farmer who has committed his life to growing gorgeous grains.  It's as pure as it gets.  Not rocket science, just good old fashioned field grains blended with the highest quality Marine greens & Vitamin/Minerals.  Nature & Smarts~ 

Our feed store is fully stocked with Coo

Milled with Your Flock in Mind!

As keepers of Rare & Heirloom poultry, we created our Non-GMO layer ration for the sole purpose of providing our flocks with a nutritious, fresh feed free of GMO grains.


We look forward for the opportunity to earn your business and trust by providing you with some of the freshest, Non-GMO chicken feed in the industry! Study after study has shown, feeding Non-GMO grains is better for the chicken's digestive tract and overall health and well being.

Fancy Flock Nest Box Herbs


Non-GMO Fresh Eggs Every Day
Healthy Free Range Chickens



Our Focus is Keeping Your Flocks Beautiful, Happy, and Healthy.

How do we do this? We are constantly working hard to keep our prices fair while providing a product that is nothing less than superior. The pricing we offer to our customers is “direct from the farm pricing.” In the United States, it is possible for soybeans and corn to be handled as many as 15 times from the time it leaves the farm until processing. We believe in knowing where your food is from, how it was raised, and how it is was handled. There is no guesswork when it comes to our feed. All of the farmers in our CO-OP are local, “salt of the earth folks” who share our values both in business and in life.  We strive to provide a superior product and develop life-long relationships with our customers! Years of research and working with the top Livestock Nutritionists in the country has afforded us a feed that has a protein percentage required for proper growth and laying, whole foods based Vitamins & Minerals and Milled Fresh every week. Quality that can be seen in the rich & colorful grains, roasted and cracked soybean (NO soybean meal) and the sweet smell of molasses.  We could go on but try for yourself and let your birds have the final say!


We are so confident that your flock will benefit from our feed that we offer a 30-day **money back guarantee.

**Shipped feed will be eligible for .refund for feed less shipping costs


Feeding Cedar Crest Farm and Feed's high protein & superior quality grains, will aid in keeping your birds in tip-top nutritional shape! Added probiotics for good gut flora, Whole Food based Vitamins & Minerals for full, glossy feathers and all the nutrients a feed should have & more.  The feed is full of chunky grains, keeping your birds occupied, which slows down their eating rate allowing for better digestgen. Any good foodie knows, whole grains metabolize well and provide sound nourishment. 

Return Policy

If you are not happy with any of our products, we will take the bag back and return your money with no questions asked. **The unused feed must be returned for full refund.


**Refund on returned feed does not include shipping.

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