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Welcome to Cedar Crest Farm. We are a boutique breeder of Rare and Heirloom chickens. In 2012 we began breeding rare and endangered poultry. We pride    ourselves on having obtained the “best of the best” stock from around the globe. With a keen eye for breeding only the most spectacular of birds, the results speak for themselves in our gorgeous and healthy flocks.

In 2012, began the quest to develop our line of NON GMO livestock feeds.  Buying grains direct from the farmer. (more about our feed on the feed tab) Our flocks are fed only our proprietary blend of NON GMO feed and are given plenty of healthy snacks. Our flocks have full access to pasture allowing for ample room to scratch and peck, lots of sunshine, clean coops and caretakers who love their jobs!

There is no denying…once you become a chicken owner, life is richer!  The joy of having a flock is something only chicken people get….and that’s OK by us. Those who tend to the land, raise flocks or farm in any way find that life can be deeply satisfying. A rich life not bought but created.  Whether you are just beginning or have raised many flocks, it is always good to review the basics of good chicken keeping.  





        ~ No over breeding, No sad chicken cages, just Happy, Healthy and Beautiful  chickens!

       ~ Be forewarned....once you own a Cedar Crest Farm chicken, one will never be enough!


       ~ We proudly present our line up of gorgeous breeds of rare chickens and NON GMO feeds.  

Rare and Heirloom Chickens & so much more!  










Fancy Eggs Laid By Fancy Chicks!

Our thoughtful breeding philosophy stems from the belief that your chickens should not only provide good food, they should bring joy! We take no shame in saying that when you buy our chickens, not only are you buying a sound, healthy chicken, you are also indulging your visual senses. Who doesn't love a colorful egg basket filled with naturally colored blue, green, chocolate, cream, speckled and of course white, eggs?  Our chickens are beautiful "Eye Candy" or a bit of backyard art, if you will.

Hours of Operation

Our feed store is open from 7am-7pm -7 days a week; all 365 days, no appointment required~

Cedar Crest Farm is also our home so please call ahead to schedule a farm visit or to purchase chickens~


Farm visits and chick pick-up is by appointment only.

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