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New for Spring 2019

Fancy Chicks, Yard Art, Rainbow Layers, Backyard Eye Candy....

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We are so in love with these "production" breeds that we couldn't help but add some to our laying flock and offer to our customers as well.  our seasonal line up:

Super Blue Layers (60) 

French Copper Marans (60) 

Italian Leghorn (35)

Olive Eggers (50)


We also have our regular line-up of Fancy Chicks!



Heritage and Rare Breeds

As a "Boutique Breeder" of Rare and Heirloom Chickens, we pride ourselves on our keen eye & thoughtful breeding selection.

~Superior Quality Rare & Heirloom Chickens~ 

Our tight list of breeds is a result of our hyper focus on a few select breeds (that we love dearly) and we are proud to say,  We breed them beautifully! 

We are well known for our GORGEOUS color selection of breeds and for the integrity of our breeding philosophy:

~No Sad Chicken Cages~

~No Over Breeding~

~Just Happy, Healthy & Beautiful Chickens~

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Prices are listed at the bottom of the description for each breed


Although it is difficult to pinpoint the history of “America’s newest breed” to meet the satisfaction of all, all would agree that this blue egg layer is an exciting addition to a backyard flock. Recently recognized by the APA/ABA, this inquisitive bird is finally getting its much deserved recognition. 

More information can be found at Ameraucana Breeders Club.


The Ameraucana is a bearded and muffed bird with red pea combs.

Available in Black, Blue, Black and Blue Splash, Lavender, and Lavender Mottled Ameraucanas.

          Egg Production

Hens lay an average of 170 blue tinted eggs per year.


This cold hardy breed is virtually exempt from frostbite due to their tight, little pea comb and absence of wattles.


Pullets average 4 lbs.  and Cocks average 5 lbs.



Straight Run & Cockerels:       $25

Pullets:                              $60

*please call for shipping quote

Cochin Bantam


Oh Boy is this one sweet little bird~ They are super friendly & comical; love to be held and talked to and will follow around those they are bonded with.

A great bird if you are limited on space but want some real backyard eye candy to enjoy! Because they are tiny and have extremely heavily feathered shanks, this bird should never be left to free range without supervision of a person or very well trained LGD. They prefer to hang out in their coops or in a small garden (where they will do little harm).


Cedar Crest Farm breeds Black and White Mottled, Blue, Calico, Lavender, Lavender Mottled, Mille Fleur & White Cochin Bantams.


Can tolerate some cold but should be moved to a heated coop in the winter if the temperatures fall below 30°. This breed does not have the body mass to stay warm in very frigid temperatures.

        Egg Production

Hens lay an average of 180 teeny, tiny white eggs per year.


Pullets average 1-2 lbs. and Cocks average 2-lbs



Straight Run & Cockerels   $25

Smooth Pullet                     $55    Frizzle Pullet                      $75         

Cochin Large Fowl

There are very few breeds that have inspired poultry as a hobby or fancy quite like the Cochin.

These big, beautiful gentle giants are well dressed with their abundance of gorgeous feathers from head to toe. Their beauty is spectacular and their personality, a delight. Calm and quiet with virtually no ability to fly, the Cochin makes a great bird for confinement.


Cedar Crest Farm breeds Black, Blue, Chocolate, Lavender, Lavender Mottled, and White Cochin Large Fowl in both Smooth & Frizzle.


A sweet and gentle breed that is extremely cold hardy. Best kept in a secure area since they are slow moving with little to no flight capabilities.

            Egg Production

Hens lay an average of 180 white eggs per year.


Pullets average 7-8 lbs. and Cocks average 10 lbs



Straight Run & Cockerels:         $25

Pullet Smooth:                       $60

Pullet Frizzle:                        $80

*please call for shipping quote



Originating from the West Indies around 1860, the Erminette is an exquisite bird which lays an impressive amount of White to cream eggs. Around 1887, the Erminette was crossed with the Earl Derby Game, White Leghorn, and Light Brahama. The result of this crossing is a beautiful fowl with vibrant plumage, small combs, improved egg production, and a heavier weight than their ancestors. Their temperament is docile and they are excellent foragers. Very aware of their surroundings, this bird is inheirantly skilled at evading predators.                   

 A true delight for the backyard fancier.


A strikingly white bird with random and evenly spaced black markings, single comb, and either yellow, white, or white polka dot legs.


Extremely cold hardy, excellent foragers, do not take confinement well as they are excellent flyers and have a curious nature.

                  Egg Production

Hens lay an average of 200 creamy white eggs per year.


Pullets average 3-4 lbs and Cocks average 5 lbs.


Straight Run & Cockerels:         $30

Pullets:                                      $65

*please call for shipping quote

English Orpington

These rare colored beauties are a real show stopper! Deep and cobby with massive amounts of glossy feathers. Hens have large "skirts" of feathering, which cover all but a wee bit of their shanks. Lovely head shape and deep, round bodies on both hens and cocks. if looks were not enough, add a sweet disposition and you may just have the perfect chicken!  Exceptionally COLD hardy and a true exhibition standard by any Standard. 


With a history dating back to 1886, the English Orpington was bred by the distinguished William Cook of Orpington, County of Kent, England.


Our imported English bloodline is deep and cobby with massive amounts of glossy feathers.


Bred to be a  great dual purpose bird.  Does well in confinement but will always enjoy outdoor time with their people. 

Predators are a big concern as they are not very fast due to their large size.

          Egg Production

Hens lay an average of 150 light brown eggs per year.


Pullets average 5-8 lbs and Cockerels average 7-10 lbs.


Straight Run & Cockerel       $35

Pullets are between     $60 -$125

(Based on color)

*Please call for shipping quote

Svart Hona

The “Little Black Dress” of chickens!  Sleek, sexy and perfect for any environment.  One look into those dark eyes and you will see a bird filled with deep history. The Cocks steal the show in the beauty department. Statuesque in appearance with their Massive combs, Deep Black Eyes, Huge fanned tails and Tiny beaks; seeing is believing.  They are calm, cool birds that naturally mimic their jungle fowl ancestors. What they lack in warm fuzzy, they make up for in appearance and ease of care.  

Svart Hona originated in Indonesia along with the Ayam Cemani and were imported to Sweden in the early 1800’s.


Mysterious, sleek and all black~ Combs, wattles, shanks, eyes, mouth and plumage.  There should be no appearance of red.  

The Svart Hona has Jet Black plumage with a slight metallic sheen, seen only in certain sunlight. 

           Egg Production

Hens lay an impressive of average of 200+ eggs per year.


Bred into this beauty is a strong breed that will sail through brutal winters. 

Excellent foragers, they will seek out wooded areas to roam.  Cocks are amazing protectors of their flocks. 


Pullets average 3 lbs  Cocks average 4 lb



Straight Run & Cockerel     $55

Pullets                           $80

Swedish Bluebar



The deep blackness of a Svart Hona with the beautiful splash pattern of an Isbar makes this a visually striking breed. 


The Swedish Bluebar are extremely cold hardy! They have the hardiness of a Svart Hona without the worry of becoming sun bleached in summer.

The Fabulous Swedish Bluebar has taken the chicken fancier world by storm!  Extremely rare and breathtakingly beautiful, this is a Must Have for even the fanciest of fanciers! We have crossed the alluring and mystical beauty of the Svart Hona over the intriguing vivid blue of the Isbar. Since egg color follows the hen, our pullets lay an Isbar colored egg. (Mint green with lovely deep gold spots.) Their gorgeous eggs look more like they belong in an art gallery rather than an egg carton! The result of this designer bird, is a soft blue body with a deep black head, black eyes, black skin & black Shanks.  Magical & mysterious~

Egg Production

Hens lay an average of 150 GORGEOUS GREEN speckled eggs per year.


Pullets average 3-4 lbs and Cockerels average 4-5 lbs.


Straight Run & Cockerel       $55

Pullets                               $100

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